Luciano L. Antonietti

Engineering and Technical Management


Drones are flying machines that allow a variety of aerial activities unthinkable a few years ago, both in recreational activity and in aerial work. The accelerated evolution of drones has led to actively incurring in the agricultural market, where currently one of the most relevant uses is spraying (fumigations and fertilizations and sowing) with drones.

The following project aims to "Develop and commercialize large-scale drones for agricultural spraying", and is part of a BUSINESS PLAN prepared as a Postgraduate Thesis of the Master of Administration (MBA) belonging to the School of Business and Public Administration of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Buenos Aires University (UBA).

(Large drone: deployed to spray).


Large drones are conceived as aerial machines that take the technological advances of control and navigation of current drones but that scale their operational capacity based on the concepts of aeronautical design, seeking to increase the capacities for aerial work both in paid cargo and flight autonomy.

Focused on these technical-operational design criteria, the large-scale drones proposed in the project are primarily intended to carry out aerial spraying of large areas, complementing the capabilities currently offered by spray planes and self-propelled sprayers. Likewise, due to the greater operational capacity that this type of drones offers, other activities for agricultural-livestock work are presented as secondary purposes, such as:

Lifting / lifting of heavy loads on vehicles, machinery, building installations, etc.

Transfer of heavy loads (spare parts, supplies, materials, etc.) in flooded or difficult-to-access areas.

Assistance in the control, repair or installation of wiring, for laying wires and transferring materials and tools.

(Drone folded for transfer).

(Drone deployed to lift / transfer cargo).


  • Power plants: 4 internal combustion engines.
  • Load capacity of: 60 kg.
  • Speed: 38 km/h.
  • Autonomy: 1.5 hrs.
  • Fluid and fuel recharge time: 2 minutes.
  • (Large drone: General views).